You’ll get more than just great products in the PQM Butcher Shoppe. You get the knowledge and experience of real butchers who will explain cuts of meat and preparation techniques for you.
Stop by our Butcher Shoppe to find your favorite cuts:

  • USDA Choice Beef
  • Certified Angus Beef
  • DaKota Organic Beef
  • Boar’s Head Hams, Turkey, Kielbasa, & Corned Beef
  • Hatfield Pork, Hams, Sausage, Kielbasa, & Spare Ribs
  • Butcher Prepared Fresh Lamb & Veal
  • Di Paola Locally Raised All-Natural Turkeys
  • Allen’s All-Natural Chicken
  • Bell & Evens All Natural and Organic Chicken
  • Perdue Chicken
  • D’Artagnan All-Natural or Organic Chicken, Sausage, Duck, Venison, & Other Game
  • du Breton Farms All-Natural Pork Tenderloins
  • Plainville Farms All-Natural Turkey
  • Martin’s Specialty Sausage including their All-Natural Preservative Free Italian Sausage
  • Leidy”s Nature’s Tradition Antibiotic Free Pork

Look in our “Kitchen Ready” case to find delicious oven ready meals that will make your dinnertime or dinner party a breeze. We have marinated and specially prepared chicken, chops, beef and kabobs ready for the grill, pan or oven.

Mike Oliver
Mike Oliver
Produce Manager
32 Years Service
The Rothwell Family
The Rothwell Family
Mike and Barbara Rothwell Henderson
Charlie Coward
Charlie Coward
Store Manager
29 Years Service
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